This raccoon was found with a soda can on his arm. It had caused severe infection and brought him close to death.

Trash Can Injure And Be Fatal To Our Wildlife

Baby Otter

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Trash is a killer to our wildlife, and destroys our environment. It is simple really, we are the most intelligent beings after all. Follow these simple tips to save animals from a trashy death.

Respect animals and their homes, leave no trace that you were there.

What you can do

Cut plastic soda can holders apart so there are no holes.
Do not throw cigerette butts on the ground, dispose of them properly.
Pick up litter, even if it is not yours.  This is your Mother Earth, save her.
Make sure you do not pour chemicals in sewers or on land, dispose of them properly.  You may also want to look into environmentally safe products like Ecover.
Balloons can kill.  Cut up used balloons and dispose of properly.  Avoid balloon releases.
Do not use monofilament fishing line.  If you must, take it home with you and cut it into small pieces.
Fishing hooks can gouge, take fishing hooks home.
Do not throw your trash/litter anywhere except the trash can. 
Recycle paper, glass and cans. This will keep it from becoming litter and help the environment as well.
Cut the tops off tin cans, place the top in the can and smash them flat and recycle.
Plastic bags can suffocate and choke. Tie knots in them.
Broken glass can kill, recycle the glass.