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Click on the Image to meet our rescue of the month!
Click on the Image to meet our rescue of the month!

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See how we care for the many animals we brought in from Hurrican Dorian!


Almost time to go back into wild! ~ Aug 24, 2019

"Hi, Everybody! I'm Bucky, the rescued beaver. I'm smiling because I just heard today at Keeper of the Wild that I am transitioning another step closer to my release. I am SO excited!!"


Late Babies ~ Aug 15, 2019

Lots of baby squirrels are presently coming in, especially after storms.


Late Fawn ~ Aug 15,2019

This just born, late fawn was found with its birth sac and umbilical cord still connected. Mom had not returned by the next morning. He weighs only two lbs.


Success story ~ Aug 7, 2019

This Southern fox squirrel with a Slurpee cup on its head went in the live trap. He was transferred to another cage and the rehabber reached in and pulled the Slurpee cup off his head..He was so happy to go free afterwards.


Making a Difference Aug 2, 2019

Recently, a lady called very concerned because parent songbirds had built a nest inside the back of her mailbox and there was one egg so far. I advised her that they are still in the process of laying eggs and while it would take a few weeks to raise their babies to leave the nest, I also advised her that the parent birds would abandon the nest, eggs, and or any babies if they determined there was too much intrusion and activity. I suggested she temporarily use a basket or some container on her porch and leave a note for her mail carrier to see if he would agree to help allow the parent birds to have the mailbox and deliver her mail to her porch for this time. Here is her note she attached to her mailbox. Thank you for making a difference for this wild family!


Smokey ~ July 31,2019

This is Smokey, on April 3rd he was accidentally thrown into a brush fire as he was in his nest on the ground. He was immediately removed but due to the heat from the fire his right ear was burned and a week later he lost all his toes. He is a very happy boy and is unreleasable. He will live out his life with his new family of other squirrels that have disabilities. Please be careful when burning brush. 


Education the public about wildlife is so important

It was a great day at Magnolia Plantation's "LADYBUG RELEASE DAY" on July 20th. Keeper of the Wild volunteers Debby Hill and Early and Pat Mitchum were there sharing info on Keeper of the Wild and teaching adults and children the importance of caring for our wildlife. Lots of fun!!


Fawns 7-11-2019

All of these four babies pictured here, presently rescued by Keeper of the Wild, had mothers that were hit by cars and killed. May they be a reminder to everyone to drive safely and slower through wooded areas and even neighborhoods. 

Remember,too, if you see one deer there may be more as does tend to hang in small herds with their new babies, often twins, and yearlings. They know their herd, however small, helps to keep them safe and survive so they never want to be separated from them. Thus, when you see one, other members of the herd are nearby and are sure to follow. This is also why we strongly encourage that individually injured or truly orphaned fawns found be brought to Keeper of the Wild to be raised with, bond with, and released together as a herd to benefit their survival and longevity. 


Cutie Pie Alert! 7-9-2019

Little "Bucky" Beaver rescued this season and in Janet's care at the Center. She is trying to get it to make its precious noise. Check the first comment below to hear the noise it makes from a video of a baby beaver rescued in a previous year. They are BOTH Cutie Pies!! Click on link on next line fist.


We can coexist 7-4-2019


Important Reminder 7-3-2019.

Remember, nestlings can go back in a nest or place in a small basket nearby the nest secured in a tree. Fledglings found on the ground are still in their parents' care and should be left alone. They are gaining confidence and learning how to take care of themselves from their parents and will fly away in a day or three. 


Please properly dispose of your garbage and recycling 7-1-2019

You are probably doing a great job properly disposing of your garbage and recycling to protect wildlife, but please make sure your garbage cans have secured lids. I am an opportunistic eater that would much rather depend on the trash of humans. If you secure your garbage can lids it forces me to forage naturally and teach my babies to as well rather than depend on humans. This will increase my natural fear of humans which will increase my survival and longevity.


A reminder from our Director, Janet Kinser 6-30-2019

 "If you see me that doesn't mean that I'm an orphan. My mommy will put me in a place because I'm too little to keep up with her.. Then she will come back and get me so please do not be a fawnnapper because mommy's way is the best way she can teach me things you can't."  

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