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"We are a non-profit organization caring for sick, injured, orphaned or  displaced wildlife with the intention of returning them to appropriate  habitats in the wild".  

Our founder, director, and president, Janet Kinser, began  operating a private rehabilitation center in Charleston nearly 25 years  ago. Since that time she has personally rescued, rehabilitated and  relocated thousands of animals. She has made herself and her home a  haven for wild animals that have nowhere to go.  

Janet's dream was to develop a sanctuary, clinic and education  center to support wildlife rehabilitation, in November 2001 that dream  became a reality.

Janet selflessly dedicates herself 24 hours a day 7 days a week  to the animals of South Carolina. Janet, our board members and  volunteers donate their time without any compensation.  

Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary Inc., relies heavily on public support raised  through a variety of fundraising events. In addition to this, Janet and  our Education Director, Debbie Hill, also increase public awareness of  the plight of South Carolina's wildlife through education programs,  (Preserving and Protecting Natural Wildlife and Living in Peace with  Wildlife), which they present at schools and other community  organizations.  

Board and Volunteers

Many thanks to our Board and all of our volunteers who give of  themselves freely to help our wildlife.