Volunteer Application

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, LLC volunteer. Once you complete the form, click the Continue button at the bottom.

PLEASE NOTE: It has come to our attention that our emails acknowledging your application and scheduling training times, etc. are going into spam. Please be sure to check your spam folders...If you do not receive a response within 5 days, please let us know by leaving a message on our contact page. We need you!

KEEPER OF THE WILD is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. We are not a state or federal agency and receive no funds from the government. We operate only on volunteers and have no paid employees. Our mission is to rescue wild orphaned and injured mammals rehabilitate them, and then release them back to freedom in the wild. We do not advocate turning wild animals into pets. We believe in nature’s plan for this world and believe each life on earth has a purpose to fulfill as a part of that plan. We are funded only by the donations of money or items from caring supporters and operate on a minimal budget.

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Due to the terms of our liability insurance, no one under the age of 18 years may volunteer.
Date of Birth(Required)
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Medical Limitations

Under South Carolina law, if a person bitten by wildlife reports that event to his or her doctor, that doctor is required by law to report the bite to DHEC. State law at that point requires either that the person undergo a series of rabies vaccines or the animal must be euthanized so it can be tested for rabies. To protect those animals at KOW from euthanasia if they accidentally bite someone, volunteers need to be willing to undergo the rabies treatment protocol, at their own expense, and not have any medical conditions that would prevent them from undergoing medical treatment for possible rabies exposure.

In the event of a bite or scratch by any wildlife, do you have any reason (medical issue, etc.) that would prevent you from undergoing rabies vaccinations if deemed necessary by DHEC?(Required)

Interested in Rehabilitation? Species?

I UNDERSTAND I would be required to order and pay for the food, supplies, feeding tools, misc. needed for the care and feeding of the animals that come to me from Keeper of the Wild.


Home Setting



Pickup animals from one of our drop-off sites and transport to a rehabber, to another drop-off site or to our Center.


Volunteer Support

If you are not able to rehabilitate out of your home, there are many other ways you can help the babies. The other volunteer opportunities are listed below. (NOTE: If helping at the Center, you will be contacted to schedule a time for Center training. After completion, you wlll be able to schedule days to volunteer).


Center Hours

If you are interested in volunteering at the Center, you will receive additional information regarding scheduling from a scheduling coordinator hours, dates, etc. from the scheduling coordinator.

Waiver & Release

I understand that as a volunteer for Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rehabilitation (Keeper of the Wild), I will be working with injured, ill and orphaned animals and wildlife. I assume all risks associated with volunteering at Keeper of the Wild, including but not limited to, the risk of injury or disease transmission from the animals and wildlife. I understand that there is always a risk of injury and/or property damage involved when working with wildlife, especially during activities related to rescuing, handling, transporting and rehabilitating wildlife, and I agree to assume any and all such risks. I understand that I am to exercise a high degree of care in carrying out my volunteer duties, and in doing so may still be subject to illness, injuries and damage.

I hereby release and hold Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rehabilitation, doing business as Keeper of the Wild, James and Janet Kinser, their respective officers, board members, directors, agents, employees, volunteers, supporters, and event sponsors harmless from liability for any and all actions, claims, damages, disabilities, liabilities and expense of any kind, type or nature that may arise in any manner whatsoever out of my activities as a volunteer for Keeper of the Wild, including but not limited to, the rescue, transportation, handling or rehabilitation of wildlife, even though that liability may or may not arise out of negligence or carelessness on the parts of the persons/agents named in this waiver, and hereby waive the right to bring any claim for such actions, claims, damages, disabilities, liabilities and expense against Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rehabilitation, doing business as Keeper of the Wild; Janet and James Kinser, their respective officers, board members, directors, agents, employees, volunteers. This release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, foreseen and unforeseen, known and unknown.

I also certify that I am responsible for discussing my volunteer service at Keeper of the Wild with my medical doctor and all recommended vaccinations by my medical doctor are my responsibility to obtain and maintain. I understand that if I work with any Rabies Vector Species without a current Pre-exposure Rabies Prophylaxis Vaccination or lab-work supporting required blood titer level that I am personally liable for any medical issues that may arise. I understand that such vaccination and routine blood work is my responsibility and acquired at my personal cost.

Rehabbers & Transporters

Keeper of the Wild requires its volunteers to follow procedures for the proper protection of the animals AND the volunteers for which Janet Kinser, our Director, is ultimately responsible. If you are a trained volunteer for Keeper of the Wild, you may only rehab the species for which you were trained. While we are always learning from each other and various sources, the trainer/mentor who trained you is your ultimate advisor always within the organization. IF YOU EVER WANT TO REHAB A DIFFERENT SPECIES, YOU MUST BE TRAINED IN THAT SPECIES BY A TRAINER/MENTOR FROM KEEPER OF THE WILD WHO SPECIALIZES IN THAT SPECIES BEFORE YOU CAN BEGIN TO REHAB THAT SPECIES. Then that trainer/mentor will be your ultimate advisor always within the organization. This is true for each new species you wish to rehab.

IF YOU ARE A TRANSPORTER, you pick up and drop of animals from one location to another. This should happen within the day as quickly as possible realizing that you may not be fully aware of the needs of this animal. It may need to be fed, it may need medical treatment or other care that could affect its present level of wellness. Transporters are not trained or expected to hold animals longer than a road trip. Transporters aren't even expected to remove them from their crates, only deliver. Overnight or longer is detrimental to the health of the animal and unacceptable. Agreeable pickup and delivery arrangements should have been made before picking up the animal. If for some extreme reason the baby cannot be delivered that same day, the transporter should call KOW at (843) 636-1659 for further instructions on getting the animal to proper care.

Volunteer Agreement

My services to Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. are provided in a strictly voluntary capacity without expectation of, or right to, any salary, compensation, employment or employment-type benefits of any kind. I will familiarize myself with Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary (“KOW”) policies and procedures applicable to volunteers. KOW has high standards of moral and ethical treatment of the animals in its care. My volunteer relationship may be terminated by KOW if the terms of this agreement are violated, or if KOW, in its sole discretion, deems such termination is in its best interest. I agree that I will assume all risk of such volunteer engagement and will hold KOW harmless for the same. KOW reserves the right to conduct national background checks on all volunteers and use any photos or video taken during volunteer events for the promotion of KOW’s programs.

Volunteer Waiver of Liability & Agreement of Understanding:
  1. Acknowledgement of Understanding that Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as KOW) is a non-profit, volunteer organization, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned wildlife.
  2. I commit to read and abide by the standards defined in the Acknowledgement which include but are not limited to the following:
  3. I Will:
    • Complete the training provided by KOW in wildlife rehabilitation prior to handling wildlife.
    • Only briefly photograph/film an animal for educational purposes. All requests for publication of pictures will be submitted to the Board of Directors of KOW(board.kow@gmail.com.
    •  Make efforts to educate the public about wildlife, their natural history, conservation, and how-to live-in harmony with wildlife.
    • Wear appropriate gloves or other safety equipment as directed when handling wildlife that is being cared for, including: medical treatment, cleaning, and feeding.
    • Agree to wear appropriate gloves or other safety equipment when an animal is being filmed/pictured. I will keep people out of pictures/videos whenever possible - and take all other reasonable precautions - to prevent “pet-like” images of the wildlife in care.
    • Portray the animal only as a wild animal.
  4. I Will Not:
  • Allow the public to handle wildlife.
  • Designate an animal as non-releasable or give to another person to foster. Any   decisions regarding the animal must be approved by the Center Manager or Janet   Kinser.
  • Put the animal in harm’s way.
  • Allow children of any age to come into contact with wildlife in my care.
  • Allow any domestic pets to come into contact or share a space with wildlife in my care.
  • Coddle the animals and will be mindful of not imprinting when rehabbing.
  • Allow human food, toys, or other inappropriate objects to be seen in pictures with   wildlife.
  • Allow animals to wander around on unnatural surfaces, such as desk, computers, etc.
  • I agree to abide by the rules and regulations stated above. Failure to do so may result in loss of privileges or removal from KOW.

Photo & Video Release

I acknowledge my photo may be taken and used during the course of my volunteer duties at Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. I hereby authorize KOW to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to me – including my image, likeness, and/or voice without compensation. I understand that this material may be used in various publications, public affairs releases, recruitment materials, broadcast public service advertising (PSAs), multimedia exhibits, or for other related endeavors. This material may also appear on KOW’s web page and/or social media services.

Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. is growing into a highly visible public institution. As such, the release and communication of information is carefully coordinated and timed based on the needs of the organization. KOW respects the rights of volunteers to express themselves as long as they do not jeopardize or harm the reputation or business of the organization. What you say, write and post is a direct reflection of you and KOW and may very well help or cause damage to your, or KOW’s, reputation.

Communication Guidelines

All reporters or media representatives who solicit KOW information, on-or off-the-record, are to be directed to Janet Kinser.

Discussion of internal KOW business or any confidential or sensitive issues are prohibited at all times, including print or electronic media. This includes but is not limited to animal births or deaths, illnesses, finance, personnel and donor issues. Even well-meaning comments can inadvertently cause damage to KOW, as the receiving parties may mistakenly assume the message represents official KOW policy, or, the message contains a complete set of facts about a situation at KOW.

Do not use racial or other slurs, personal insults, obscenity, threats, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in the workplace.

Volunteers are not permitted to create Facebook pages, events, flyers, Wish Lists, etc. in the name of Keeper of the Wild. KOW logos may not be used without prior approval. All marketing materials are created by a core group of individuals to ensure the brand of KOW is being displayed. Please submit your request for any marketing materials to the Board (board.kow@gmail.com) for final approval.

Contact the Board if you have any questions about what is appropriate to include in your social media post, blog, photo, or video.

By signing and submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate. I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, LLC volunteer. I also understand that by submitting this application I acknowledge reading the Waiver and Release and Volunteer Agreement and will abide by the rules when I am accepted as a volunteer. I also understand that I must complete any and all required training.