Founder and Director

Janet Kinser

My name is Janet Kinser and I am the Founder, Director, and President.

I began operating a private rehabilitation center in Charleston nearly 35 years ago. Since that time, I have personally rescued, rehabilitated, and relocated thousands of animals. My dream was to develop a sanctuary, clinic, and education center to support wildlife rehabilitation and in November 2001 that dream became a reality. When I started, I rehabbed out of my home, then leased property in St. George for 10 years and we now have a permanent home in Walterboro, SC.

I started my professional life as an interior decorator but the signs that pointed me to my mission were apparent from early childhood. I always loved animals since I was a child and was always bringing something home. You can say that I traded in my high heels for snake boots.

Mission Statement

Keeper of the Wild Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit organization caring for sick, injured, orphaned, or displaced wildlife with the intention of returning them to appropriate habitats in the wild.