Here at Keeper of the Wild, our commitment to the animals is built upon our tireless team of volunteers.  If you are interested in joining a team dedicated to the rescue, rehab, and release of the lowcountry's wildlife, please check out our available positions and contact Jan Malloy at You will receive an auto-reply which includes a link to our volunteer documents.  Complete and send back, along with a copy of your driver's license and she will contact you regarding the next step.  

Ways to Volunteer



A transporter needs to be able to transport animals to and from different locations and facilities in the lowcountry.  A transporter will need to be able to provide each animal with a safe and comfortable transport.  

Center Volunteer


A center volunteer will be responsible for helping to maintain the facility's upkeep as well as feeding and cleaning up after the animals.  Tasks include laundry, cleaning cages, washing bowls, preparing meals, and feeding babies.  



A rehabber is responsible for the care of injured or orphaned wildlife within their home.  A rehabber must be trained, and must be able to ensure each animal's safety and health at all times.  A rehabber must also prepare each animal for an appropriate release.